In the face of current global economic challenges, it is pertinent for corporations or private investors to engage quality commercial lawyers with relevant experience and skill to succeed. Our lawyers have extensive experience and knowledge of various sectors, markets, and other factors that have an influence over business.

We advise corporations and individuals from the preliminary stage to close of transaction.

Our Practice Areas are:

> Agency     > Licensing     > Distribution     > Manufacturing     > Supply     

> Insurance     > Sales     > Logistics     > Investments     > Franchises



The essence of a robust and sound legal advice on financing options, particularly in the emerging markets of Africa, cannot be over emphasized.  Governments all over Africa are making concerted efforts in growing their Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Various policies have been initiated with the aim of encouraging massive investments both in public and private sectors, thus efficient legal protection of financing must be guaranteed. This is our stock in trade.

We possess the necessary know-how in financing options from private equity, trade finance, project finance, debt capital markets and restructuring. We specialize in dealing with complex domestic and cross border financing options, and have a good understanding of rudimentary doctrines of financial services law. Most importantly, we keep abreast with global practices, policies and trends thus ensuring we are up to date on the necessary information for the advancement of your company.

We are committed to ensuring our clients are legally protected against the risks involved in financing i.e. lenders risks, borrowers risks, and problems arising from the obligations emanating from financial arrangements.

Our Practice Areas are:

> Trade Finance     > Project Finance     > Private Equity     > Property Finance     > Syndicated Lending

> Mezzanines     > Debt and Equity Finance     > Cross border Finance



We are highly experienced in Energy and Natural resources advisory and have advised on a large number of streams in the Oil and Gas sector (upstream, midstream and downstream), as well as power and renewable energy. Lawyers in our energy practice are highly experienced due to long stints as in-house counsels in energy companies, and advising in various major energy transactions.

Our Practice Areas are:

> Upstream Asset Acquisitions     > Farm-ins and Farm-outs     > Joint Operation Agreements(JOA)     > Strategic Alliance Agreement     > Floating Production Storage and Offtake Agreements(FPSO)     > Technical and Financial Service Agreement (TSA and FTSA)     > Crude Sale and Purchase Agreements(SPA)     > Gas Service Agreements (GSA)     > Operation and Maintenance ( O&M)     > Oil and Gas Logistics Agreements     > Drilling Agreements     > Evacuation and Storage Agreements



Most of our lawyers worked as In-house Counsels to Engineering and Energy companies before joining our firm. As such, they have a great understanding of the underpinning legal issues in engineering transactions and projects. More importantly, due to the capital intensiveness of some of these projects, they possess the necessary skill of doling out sound legal advice and protection. We provide a range of services ranging from negotiations to drafting and interpretation of engineering contracts.

Our Practice Areas are:

> Operation and Maintenance Contracts     > Construction Contracts     > Engineering Contracts     > Feasibility Study Contracts     > EPC Contracts     > Offtake Contracts     > Transfer of Technology Contracts     > Front End Engineering Contract


Following the global paradigm shift towards knowledge-based economy, there is a need for innovative corporations or individuals to protect their intellectual property and brands. To this end, IP law is becoming increasingly popular and important.

We render a robust IP related service, giving advice to clients on establishing and protecting their intellectual capital. We offer our clients consultations on developing new ideas, as well as advice on emerging global trends in the IP space, thereby increasing their portfolios.

Our Practice Areas are:

> Patents     > Trademarks     > Copyright     > Designs     > Data Protection     > IP Due Diligence Investigation and Audit     > Licensing     > Investment Structures     > Negotiations and Settlements


Due to the complexities and sophistication of tax policies, corporations and individuals need to be abreast with existing and new developments in taxation laws to ensure compliance. It has therefore become imperative for corporations to seek professional tax advice to avoid tax offences and liabilities.

We offer tax efficient solutions based on our lawyers’ commercial strength, corporate tax expertise and extensive knowledge of tax laws. We possess comprehensive knowledge of different sectors including Energy, Mining, Construction, Finance, Real Estate, Telecommunications etc.

There is a close synergy between our commercial and finance team and we ensure that all tax implications in a transaction (mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures etc) are taken into consideration from the preliminary stages:

Our Practice Areas are:

> Capital Gains tax     > Income Tax     > Value Added Tax     > Customs and Excise     > Cross Border Financing Taxation     > Tax Dispute Resolution with Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and State Revenue Services     > Tax Incentives     > Company Income Tax     > Petroleum Tax and Royalties     > Tax Opinions


We represent our clients in commercial and public law cases, managing all the phases of the litigation process ranging from the preliminary stage(s) to appeals, if need be.

We offer full quality and professional litigation service covering various areas of laws.

Our commercial litigation unit is well equipped to analyze and proffer creative solutions that prevent disputes from being referred to the courts. We constantly explore other efficient alternatives to litigation such as arbitration and mediation. We are experts in negotiations and often times assist our clients in ensuring that matters are settled amicably without recourse to litigation. In an event where litigation is unavoidable, our strategy is to ensure that our clients get the best service and commercial viable solutions based on the clients’ specific needs in a cost effective manner. Our knowledge and experience in commercial law gives us an edge when matters become litigious.

We constantly represent clients in these areas:

> Oil and Gas     > Mining     > Employment     > Immigration     > Finance     > Aviation     > Election petitions     > Recovery     > Manufacturing     > Telecommunication     > Intellectual property


Investing in real estate can be capital intensive. The need for adequate legal advice is extremely necessary in order to avoid conflicts, liabilities, and possible loss of investments.

In the course of our work, we have been involved in major transactions with domestic and  international corporations . We  advise on major real estate transactions and manage a large portfolio of investments for corporations and private individuals.

Our Practice Areas are:

> Joint Venture Arrangements     > Conveyancing     > Lease     > Perfecting of Titles     > Property Tax     > Acquisitions     > Sales     > Due Diligence     > Mortgage Registrations     >  Portfolio Restructuring


For corporations to guarantee an efficient business, compliance with Labour law and policies is key. To this end, we have extensive experience in dealing with complex employment and labor issues, and in the process, offering practical solutions to clients in a quick and effective manner. We are skilled in handling contentious labour and employment issues.

Our Practice Areas are:

> Collective Bargaining Agreements     > Employment Litigation     > Employee Benefits and Compensation     > Discrimination (religion, gender, ethnicity, disability etc)     > Employment Contracts     > Outsourcing     > Employees’ Health and Safety     > Due Diligence     > Tax and Pensions      > Handbook and Policy Developments     > Severance


The business world is highly regulated and it could be challenging for corporations to understand the complex nature and requirements of corporate compliance. There are myriads of regulations to comply with based on the Companies Act and other enabling laws.  The risk measure associated with non-compliance with regulations is very high.

As Corporate law practitioners, we advise on a full spectrum of secretarial services under the Companies Act and offer business advisory services. We boast of good knowledge of the Companies Act and can therefore guarantee full compliance of regulatory regimes by our clients.

We are committed to understanding your secretarial and compliance needs, thereby successfully tackling  daily issues as they may arise.

Specialised areas are:

> Meetings     > Share Restructuring     > Incorporation of Companies     > Maintenance of Statutory Register     > Compliance     > Liquidations and winding up     > Secretarial audits     > Trustees     > Notices     > Resolutions


Disputes are inevitable in any business environment considering the complex nature of transactions, diverse relationships, and cultures of people in the business world.  There is always a high possibility of domestic or  cross border transactions resulting in disputes which may be decided by litigation or by arbitration.  Corporations, especially those in cross-border transactions ignore the importance of dispute resolution mechanism when entering into business ventures or contracting; this is a risky trend.

At Legal Answers, we are committed to ensuring that our clients settle their disputes without recourse to litigation. Therefore, our dispute resolution practice provides services in arbitration and mediation and other forms of dispute resolution.

Our lawyers are very experienced in handling complex commercial arbitration disputes and have the capacity to protect our client’s interest. We are abreast with international trends and conventions, and are familiar with international arbitration rules e.g. the ICC, UNCITRAL, LCIA, and ICSID among others.


As a result of the cross border nature of international transactions, there is the need for movement of personnel to different locations in the course of business. It is extremely important for corporations to have all the right permits and meet all the regulatory requirement in every location they are situated in so to avoid breaching the law.

We deal with corporate immigration needs for corporations looking to do business in other jurisdictions. We have expert understanding of the necessary immigration policies and all other regulatory requirements of numerous jurisdictions.

We are equipped to manage complex immigration issues and providing solutions in a practical and timely manner.

Key areas include:

> Visitors’ Visa     > Temporary Work Permit ( TWP)     > Permanent Residence permit     > Corporate Visas     > Work Permit     > Citizenship Application